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Additional Information About Parthiban

Meaning and Origin of "Parthiban"

The name "Parthiban" is of Indian origin, specifically Tamil. It is a compound name, combining "Partha" and "iban".

  • Partha is a name derived from the Mahabharata, an epic Hindu poem. It refers to Arjuna, one of the Pandava brothers, who was also known as "Partha" - meaning "son of Pritha".
  • Iban is a suffix that often signifies "lord" or "master".

Therefore, the name Parthiban can be interpreted as "Lord of Partha" or "Master of Partha", essentially conveying the strength and nobility of the legendary Arjuna.

Celebrity Babies with the Name Parthiban

There are no readily available public records of celebrity babies named "Parthiban." The name is primarily used in South India, and while it may be common there, it is not widely known internationally.

Stats for the Name Parthiban

Unfortunately, finding precise statistics for the name "Parthiban" is difficult due to:

  • Regional Focus: The name is largely confined to Tamil-speaking communities, making it less common in broader name databases.
  • Data Availability: Not all countries track and publish detailed name statistics.

However, based on its prevalence in South India, the name is likely considered common within the Tamil community.

Songs about Parthiban

There are no known songs specifically titled "Parthiban." However, the name might be referenced in Tamil-language songs or films as a character name or within lyrics.

It's worth noting: The name Parthiban is associated with the Tamil film actor and director "Parthiban." He has a long and successful career in the industry and is well-known for his contributions to Tamil cinema.

To find information about songs mentioning the name:

  • Search for Tamil film soundtracks online: Explore websites like Saregama, JioSaavn, and others that specialize in Indian music.
  • Use keywords like "Parthiban song" or "Parthiban film music" in your search.
  • Check online forums and communities dedicated to Tamil music.

This might help you uncover songs featuring the name "Parthiban," though these might be more related to the actor than the name itself.

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