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Additional information about Parthik

The Name "Parthik"

"Parthik" is a name of Indian origin, primarily used in the Gujarati and Hindi languages. Its meaning is:

  • "Belonging to the Earth"
  • "Of the Earth"

The name evokes a connection to nature and groundedness. It often signifies someone with a strong connection to their roots and a down-to-earth personality.

Celebrity Babies with the Name "Parthik"

There are no widely known celebrities named "Parthik". However, the name is not uncommon in India and other parts of the world. There might be individuals with this name who have gained recognition in their respective fields, though they may not be globally famous.

Stats for the Name "Parthik"

Unfortunately, finding accurate and up-to-date statistics for the name "Parthik" is challenging. This is because:

  • Popularity varies by region: The name might be more common in specific regions of India or among certain communities.
  • Data availability: Publicly available name databases may not always include names like "Parthik", especially if they are not widely used outside their origin.

You might be able to find some data by contacting organizations that track names in India or researching local records.

Songs about "Parthik"

There are no known songs titled "Parthik". The name is not commonly used in popular music. However, it's possible that there are songs in regional languages that may use the name.

If you're looking for songs related to the meaning of "Parthik", you might find inspiration in tracks that evoke themes of nature, earth, or grounding.

Let me know if you have any other questions about the name "Parthik"!

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