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Prajval is a Hindi name primarily for boys, though it can be used for girls as well. It translates to "glowing" or "radiant" and is associated with brilliance, light, and intellectual prowess.

Celebrity Babies:

There are no prominent celebrity babies named Prajval in the public domain. The name is predominantly used in South Asian cultures, particularly in India, and might not be as common in Western media.

Stats for the Name Prajval:

While exact data is hard to come by, Prajval is a relatively uncommon name, especially in Western countries. Its prevalence likely varies based on region and cultural background.

Songs about Prajval:

There are no known songs specifically titled "Prajval" or directly referencing the name. However, many Indian film songs might feature the name in lyrics or have themes associated with its meaning.

Additional Notes:

  • The name might be spelled as "Prajwal" or "Prajval."
  • Prajval is often associated with the Hindu deity Agni, the god of fire.
  • If you're interested in names with similar meanings, consider:
    • Tejas: Another Hindi name meaning "radiance" or "brilliance."
    • Aakash: Meaning "sky," symbolizing vastness and expansiveness.
    • Siddharth: A name meaning "one who has achieved," implying success and fulfillment.

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