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Prana (pronounced PRAH-nah) is a Sanskrit word meaning "breath" or "life force." It is a central concept in yoga and other Indian philosophies, referring to the vital energy that flows through the body.

Celebrity Babies:

While Prana is not a common name in the Western world, it has gained some traction in spiritual and holistic communities. There are no notable celebrities who have named their children Prana.


There is no readily available data on the popularity of the name Prana. It's likely a very uncommon name, especially in English-speaking countries.

Songs about Prana:

There are a few songs that mention "Prana" but they are not mainstream hits. Some examples include:

  • "Prana" by the band, The Prana. This song is about finding inner peace and connection.
  • "Prana" by the musician, Jay Kumar. This song is an instrumental piece inspired by the energy of Prana.
  • "Prana" by the artist, Ojas. This song is a devotional piece celebrating the life force energy.

Note: Due to its spiritual connotations, Prana is likely to be more popular among families who practice yoga, meditation, or other spiritual disciplines.

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