A Devout Woman, Pious, Assiduous, Prayer









Additional Information About Qanitah(قَانِتَه)

It seems you're interested in the name "Qanitah" (قَانِتَه). Let's break down what we know about it:


  • "Qanitah" (قَانِتَه) is an Arabic name, primarily for girls. It has a beautiful meaning, stemming from the Arabic word "qanita" (قانِتَ), which means "devout," "submissive," or "obedient" (especially to God).

Celebrity Babies:

  • There is no widely known public figure with a child named "Qanitah." It's a relatively uncommon name, even within Arabic-speaking cultures. This doesn't mean it's not a beautiful name, just that it's not often chosen.


  • It's challenging to find exact stats for "Qanitah." The name is not widely tracked in most baby name databases. This is mainly because it's not a name that often appears in Western cultures.

Songs about Qanitah:

  • There are no known songs specifically about the name "Qanitah." The name is not widely used in popular music.

If you're interested in the name "Qanitah":

  • Consider its cultural significance: It's a name deeply rooted in Islamic faith, which may be important if you are from a Muslim background.
  • Explore its meaning: The meaning of "devout" and "submissive" can be both positive and potentially controversial depending on personal interpretations.
  • Look into similar names: If you like the sound and meaning of "Qanitah," you might explore other Arabic names with similar qualities.

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