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Additional Information About Qasim.(قَاسِم)

The Name Qasim (قَاسِم): Meaning, Stats, Celebrities, and Songs


Qasim (قَاسِم) is an Arabic name meaning "divider" or "distributer". It is often associated with the concept of justice and fairness, as the name suggests someone who divides things justly.


There are a few notable people named Qasim, including:

  • Qasim Rashid: A Pakistani-American lawyer, author, and political commentator.
  • Qasim Khan: An Indian politician and Member of Parliament.
  • Qasim Abbas: An Indian actor known for his work in Bollywood and television.

While not a very common name in the West, it's more prevalent in the Middle East and South Asia.


Unfortunately, finding exact statistics for the name Qasim is difficult. Popular name databases often lack comprehensive data for uncommon names, especially those specific to certain cultures.


It's challenging to find songs explicitly mentioning the name "Qasim" as it is not a widely used name in popular music. However, you might find songs with themes of justice, division, or fairness, which could be loosely related to the name's meaning.

Additional Notes:

  • Qasim is a common name in Islam, with connections to the Prophet Muhammad's family.
  • The name can be spelled in various ways, including "Kasim", "Kassem", or "Kasem".
  • Qasim is a unisex name, though it is more commonly used for boys.

If you're looking for more information about the name Qasim, you might try searching online forums or community websites for specific cultural or religious groups where the name is more prevalent.

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