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Additional Information About Quinevere

Quinevere: A Name Steeped in Legend

Meaning: The name Quinevere is a variation of Guinevere, the legendary queen of King Arthur in Arthurian literature.

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: "Fair, white, blessed, bright"
  • Variations: Guinevere, Gwenhwyfar, Gweniver, Gwenivere

Celebrity Babies with the Name Quinevere:

While not a popular choice, there are a few notable instances of the name Quinevere:

  • Quinevere "Vivi" DeVille: Actress and daughter of Billy Idol
  • Quinevere "Vivienne" Jolie-Pitt: Daughter of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (though she goes by Vivienne)

Stats for the Name Quinevere:

  • Popularity: The name Quinevere is extremely rare. It is not consistently ranked in the top 1000 names in the US.
  • Trend: The name's popularity has been declining in recent years.

Songs About Quinevere:

The name Quinevere has inspired a number of songs, most notably in the realm of rock and folk music:

  • "Guinevere" by The Clash: A song about a woman who represents the lost love and pain of the narrator.
  • "Guinevere" by Jethro Tull: A song about the legendary queen, featuring a mystical and epic feel.
  • "Guinevere" by The Moody Blues: A song about love and loss, with Guinevere being a symbol of the past.
  • "Guinevere" by The Pretty Things: A song about a woman who is both beautiful and dangerous.
  • "Guinevere" by Barclay James Harvest: A folk-rock ballad about a woman who is both loved and feared.

Beyond these, the name has also been mentioned in various other songs, poems, and literary works due to its connection to the enduring legend of King Arthur.

In Conclusion: The name Quinevere evokes a sense of romance, tragedy, and historical significance. While rare, it holds a unique charm for those who appreciate its association with the Arthurian legends.

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