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Additional Information About Radcliffe

Radcliffe: A Name with History and Charm

Meaning: The name Radcliffe is of English origin, deriving from the Old English words "Rad" (meaning "counsel" or "advice") and "cliff," suggesting a place where advice is given or a dwelling near a cliff.

Celebrity Babies:

  • There are no notable celebrity babies named Radcliffe. While the name has been historically popular, it's not as common in recent years.

Stats for the Name Radcliffe:

  • Popularity: The name Radcliffe is not currently ranked in the US top 1000 names. It is considered a rare and unique name.
  • Gender: While the name is primarily used for boys, it can also be used for girls.
  • Variations: Some variations of the name include Radcliff, Radclyffe, and Radcliff.

Songs about Radcliffe:

  • While there aren't any popular songs specifically named "Radcliffe," the name might be referenced in some songs due to its association with the University of Oxford's Radcliffe Camera library or other places named Radcliffe.


Radcliffe is a name with a strong historical meaning and a unique, charming sound. While it might not be as common as other names, it could be a great choice for parents looking for a distinctive name with an interesting history.

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