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Additional Information About Rahat

The Meaning of the Name Rahat:

Rahat is a name of Arabic origin, meaning "comfort", "ease", "relief", or "peace of mind". It's a popular name in many Muslim-majority countries and carries a positive connotation of tranquility and happiness.

Celebrity Babies with the Name Rahat:

There aren't any prominent celebrities who have named their children Rahat. The name is more common in South Asian countries and isn't as widespread in the Western world.

Stats for the Name Rahat:

Unfortunately, finding precise stats for the name Rahat is tricky. The name's popularity varies significantly by region and cultural background. Here's what we know:

  • Popular in South Asia: The name is quite common in Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh.
  • Less Common Elsewhere: Outside South Asia, the name is rarely used and is likely considered unique.
  • Increasing Popularity: While the exact numbers are hard to find, the name's usage appears to be increasing in some regions.

Songs about Rahat:

There aren't many songs explicitly titled "Rahat." However, there are some popular songs featuring artists with the name "Rahat," most notably:

  • Rahat Fateh Ali Khan: A renowned Pakistani singer known for his soulful voice. He has numerous popular songs in various languages, including "Aadat," "Chhor De Saari Duniya," and "Dil Hai Mushkil."

You can find a wide selection of his songs on music streaming platforms like Spotify or YouTube.

To find more information about the name Rahat:

  • Online Name Databases: Websites like Behind the Name, BabyCenter, or Nameberry offer some information about the name's origin and popularity.
  • Search for "Rahat" on Social Media: You might find some discussions or communities related to the name on platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

Remember, the popularity of the name Rahat can vary based on location and cultural context.

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