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Additional Information About Raheel

Meaning of the Name Raheel

The name Raheel is of Arabic origin and means "traveller" or "wanderer". It can also be interpreted as "one who leaves behind" or "someone who departs".

Celebrity Babies with the Name Raheel

There aren't any widely recognized celebrities with the name Raheel. The name is more common in South Asian cultures, and thus, famous individuals with this name are less likely to be in the international spotlight.

Stats for the Name Raheel

  • Popularity: Raheel is a relatively uncommon name in the US and most Western countries. It's more prevalent in South Asian regions, especially Pakistan and India.
  • Gender: Raheel is primarily a male name.
  • Variations: There are some variations of the name, such as Raheela (feminine form) and Raheelah.

Songs About Raheel

There are no known songs explicitly titled "Raheel". However, there might be songs in South Asian languages that use the name, especially in regional folk music or Bollywood soundtracks.

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