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Additional Information About Rakhee

Rakhee: Meaning, Celebrities, Stats, and Songs


Rakhee is a name of Indian origin, meaning "protector" or "defender." It is a popular name for girls in India and other South Asian countries. It is also sometimes spelled "Rakhi."

Celebrity Babies:

There are no well-known celebrity babies named Rakhee. The name is more common among older generations in India and South Asia.


Unfortunately, there's no readily available data on the popularity of the name Rakhee globally. However, it's a name primarily used in South Asia and might not have a high ranking in Western countries.

Songs about Rakhee:

There are no songs specifically titled "Rakhee" that are widely known. However, there are some songs that might relate to the meaning of the name:

  • "Defender" by The Killers: This song about protection and standing up for what you believe in could be interpreted as reflecting the meaning of the name Rakhee.
  • "The Protector" by The Weeknd: This song also speaks about guarding and shielding someone you love, potentially aligning with the name's meaning.


While there aren't many songs or celebrity babies with the name Rakhee, the name itself carries a strong and positive meaning, reflecting a sense of security and protection.

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