Additional Information About Ramia

Let's break down the information about the name "Ramia":

Meaning of the Name Ramia:

There's no widely accepted single meaning for the name "Ramia". It could be:

  • A variation of "Ramona": This name of Spanish origin means "protector" or "wise".
  • A possible Arabic origin: Some sources suggest it might be a variant of "Ramlah" meaning "sand dune".
  • Could be a unique name: It's also possible the name is chosen for its sound and personal significance to the parents.

Celebrity Babies with the Name Ramia:

There aren't any publicly known celebrity babies named "Ramia" in recent times.

Stats for the Name Ramia:

The name "Ramia" is relatively uncommon. It's difficult to find exact statistics, as it's not listed in many popular baby name databases. This suggests it's a unique choice.

Songs about Ramia:

There are no known songs specifically titled "Ramia". This name is likely too uncommon to have inspired a popular song.

Tips for Finding More Information:

  • Ask the parents: If you know someone named Ramia, it's always best to ask them directly about the origin and meaning of their name.
  • Explore genealogy: Family history research might reveal a unique family origin or tradition for the name.
  • Look for variations: Searching for similar names like "Ramona" or "Ramlah" might uncover relevant information.

While the exact meaning of "Ramia" might be unclear, its uniqueness and potential connection to names like "Ramona" or "Ramlah" make it a special and interesting name.

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