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Additional Information About Rashid(رَشِيد)

Rashid (رَشِيد)

Meaning: The name Rashid (رَشِيد) is of Arabic origin and means "rightly guided," "well-guided," or "wise." It is often associated with the concept of being guided by God's will and living a righteous life.

Celebrity Babies: While Rashid is a common name, there aren't many famous babies with this name.

  • Rashid Khan, a renowned Afghan cricketer, has a son named Rashid.

Stats for the Name Rashid:

  • Popularity: Rashid is a common name in many Muslim-majority countries. While it's hard to give specific worldwide stats, it's a popular name in countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India.
  • Gender: It is primarily a masculine name.
  • Variations: The name can be spelled in different ways, including Rashīd, Rashīd, and Rašid.

Songs about Rashid:

There aren't any popular songs specifically titled "Rashid." However, there are songs that mention the name or have themes related to the meaning of the name, such as:

  • "Rightly Guided" by a Christian band could be interpreted as relating to the meaning of Rashid.
  • "Wise Man" by various artists could be seen as referencing the wisdom associated with the name.

It's important to note that finding songs directly related to a name like Rashid is rare. You might find songs about related concepts like guidance, wisdom, or justice.

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