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Additional information about Rauf,Raouf(رَؤُوْف)

The Name Rauf/Raouf (رَؤُوْف)


Rauf/Raouf (رَؤُف) is an Arabic name that means "merciful, compassionate, or kind". It is often used as an attribute of God in the Quran, highlighting His boundless mercy and compassion.

Celebrity Babies with this Name:

There aren't any well-known celebrities with the name Rauf/Raouf, as it's a less common name in Western cultures. However, it's a popular name in many Muslim-majority countries.

Stats for the Name Rauf/Raouf:

  • Popularity: It's not ranked within the top 1000 names in the United States, but it's quite common in certain regions of the world, particularly in the Middle East and South Asia.
  • Gender: Primarily a male name.
  • Variations: Raouf, Rauf, Rawuf

Songs about Rauf/Raouf:

There are no known songs specifically titled "Rauf" or "Raouf". However, many songs in various genres may incorporate the concept of mercy and compassion, which is at the heart of the name's meaning.

Additional Information:

  • In Islam: Rauf is one of the 99 beautiful names of Allah, emphasizing His merciful nature.
  • Pronunciation: The name is typically pronounced as "RA-oof" with the stress on the first syllable.

Overall, Rauf/Raouf is a beautiful name with a strong meaning that emphasizes kindness, compassion, and mercy. It's a name with rich cultural and religious significance.

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