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Additional information about Rawahah

It seems you're interested in the name "Rawahah." While it's a beautiful name, it's not a widely known or used name in Western cultures.

Here's what I can tell you:

Meaning: The name "Rawahah" is of Arabic origin and is likely a variation of the name "Rawda," which means "garden" or "oasis." It could also be connected to the word "rawha," meaning "soul" or "spirit."

Celebrity Babies: I haven't found any information on celebrity babies with the name Rawahah. It's a relatively uncommon name, so it's less likely to be chosen by celebrities.

Stats: I cannot access real-time data on name popularity like the Social Security Administration's baby name data. Therefore, I can't provide any specific statistics on the name Rawahah.

Songs: To my knowledge, there are no songs specifically titled "Rawahah." It's a very unique name, and songwriters often choose names that are more common or recognizable.

If you're interested in the name's meaning or origin, you can try searching online databases for Arabic names. It's also a good idea to ask someone who speaks Arabic fluently for more information.

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