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Additional Information About Ridwanah(رِضْوَانَه)

Ridwanah (رِضْوَانَه): Meaning, Celebrities, Stats, and Songs


The name Ridwanah is of Arabic origin and is a feminine form of the name Ridwan (رِضْوَان).

  • Ridwan is an Islamic name associated with the Angel of Paradise, Malik (also known as Ridwan).
  • Ridwanah therefore carries the meanings of "divine pleasure," "contentment," "satisfaction," and "acceptance."

It's a beautiful and meaningful name reflecting a deep connection to Islamic faith and values.

Celebrity Babies:

It seems like Ridwanah is not a commonly used name among celebrities. There haven't been any notable public figures or celebrities who have named their child Ridwanah.

However, the name itself carries a strong Islamic association and is likely to resonate with individuals from the Muslim community.


Unfortunately, it is difficult to find accurate and up-to-date statistics on the popularity of the name Ridwanah. Name popularity data often varies based on geographical location, cultural trends, and available resources.


There don't appear to be any popular songs specifically titled "Ridwanah." It's a relatively uncommon name, and there are no notable musical artists who have used it in their works.

Note: While the name itself might not be widely popular, it's possible that variations of the name or similar-sounding names have been used in songs.


Ridwanah is a beautiful and meaningful name with a strong connection to Islamic faith. While it may not be as common as other names, it represents important values like contentment and acceptance.

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