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Ritika: Meaning and More

Meaning: The name Ritika is of Sanskrit origin and means "tradition" or "custom." It is a beautiful and meaningful name with a rich cultural heritage.

Celebrity Babies with this name: There are no prominent celebrity babies with the name Ritika. However, there are several notable personalities with this name, including:

  • Ritika Singh: Indian actress known for her role in the Tamil sports drama film "Irudhi Suttru" (2016).
  • Ritika Badiani: Indian television actress known for her roles in various popular shows like "Shakti - Astitva Ek Ehsaas Ki" and "Sasural Simar Ka".

Stats for the Name Ritika:

  • Popularity: Ritika is a moderately popular name in India, especially in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, and Madhya Pradesh. It is less common in other parts of the world.
  • Trend: The popularity of the name Ritika has been relatively stable in recent years.

Songs about Ritika:

There are no specific songs dedicated to the name Ritika. However, many popular songs feature the name or its variations in the lyrics, either as a metaphor or a character's name. For example, the song "Ritik" by Indian singer B Praak features the name Ritik, which is a male variant of Ritika.


Ritika is a beautiful and meaningful name with a rich cultural heritage. While it may not be as widely known as other names, it is still a popular choice in certain regions of the world.

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