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Additional Information About Sati

The Meaning of the Name "Sati"

"Sati" is a name with multiple meanings and origins, and its interpretation depends on the context:

1. Hindu Mythology: In Hinduism, "Sati" refers to the wife of Lord Shiva, who sacrificed herself on her husband's funeral pyre to protest her father's disrespect towards Shiva. This act is considered a symbol of devotion and is often depicted in Hindu mythology and art.

2. Sanskrit: "Sati" comes from the Sanskrit word "sat," meaning "true, genuine, or good." It can also be interpreted as "virtuous woman" or "faithful wife."

3. Modern Usage: In modern usage, "Sati" is sometimes used as a given name for girls, particularly in India. It carries a connotation of virtue, strength, and devotion.

Celebrity Babies with the Name Sati:

There are no notable celebrity babies named "Sati" in recent times. The name is not particularly common in modern Western culture.

Stats for the Name Sati:

It is difficult to find exact statistics for the name "Sati" as it is not a popular name globally. However, based on available data:

  • The name is more common in India, where it holds cultural significance.
  • The name is rare in Western countries.
  • There is no specific ranking or popularity index for the name "Sati" in most countries.

Songs about Sati:

There are no known popular songs directly named after "Sati." However, some songs might indirectly reference the concept or the story of Sati in Hindu mythology.


The name "Sati" is a complex name with deep cultural and religious significance in Hinduism. While it is not a common name in Western culture, it holds a unique meaning and a powerful story in Indian mythology.

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