The Name Is of Hebrew Word 'Shalviya' Meaning "Peace of God".









Additional Information About Shalvi

Shalvi: A Name with Meaning and Melodiousness


Shalvi is a beautiful Indian name, often associated with the Sanskrit word "Shala," meaning "tree" or "forest." This gives Shalvi a strong connection to nature and evokes a sense of peace, tranquility, and growth.

Celebrity Babies with the Name Shalvi:

While there isn't a widely recognized celebrity child named Shalvi, this name is popular in South Asian communities. Some notable individuals with this name include:

  • Shalvi Sharma: An Indian actress known for her work in Hindi television shows.
  • Shalvi Bhatia: A popular Indian model and actress.

Stats for the Name Shalvi:

While it's a beautiful and meaningful name, Shalvi is not a common name, especially outside of South Asian communities. This makes it a unique and memorable choice.

Songs about Shalvi:

Unfortunately, there aren't any well-known songs specifically about the name Shalvi. However, you might find songs about nature, peace, or growth that resonate with the meaning of the name.

Finding More about Shalvi:

For further information on the name Shalvi, you can explore online resources like:

  • Baby Name Websites: Websites specializing in baby names often provide details about the origin, meaning, and popularity of names.
  • Cultural Websites: Websites focusing on South Asian culture may offer insights into the significance of Shalvi within the community.

Final Thoughts:

Shalvi is a name with a beautiful meaning and a soothing sound. It's a unique and memorable choice for a child, signifying a connection to nature and a potential for growth and strength.

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