Additional Information About Xalvador

It seems you're asking about a name that doesn't exist in common usage. "Xalvador" isn't a recognized name, and there's no evidence of it being used for celebrities or having any statistical data.

It's possible you're thinking of a name that's spelled slightly differently, like Salvador.

Here's some information about the name Salvador:

  • Meaning: "Savior" in Spanish. It's a popular name in Spanish-speaking cultures, especially in Latin America.
  • Celebrity Babies with this name: There have been several celebrities with the name Salvador, including:
    • Salvador Dali, famous surrealist painter.
    • Salvador Perez, MLB catcher for the Kansas City Royals.
    • Salvador Sobral, Portuguese singer who won the Eurovision Song Contest.
  • Stats for the Name Salvador:
    • It's a relatively common name in the United States, ranking in the top 500 for baby boys.
  • Songs about Salvador:
    • While there aren't songs specifically about the name "Salvador", there are many songs with themes of salvation, which is the meaning of the name. Some examples include:
      • "Savior" by Rise Against
      • "The Savior" by Queensrÿche
      • "Salvation" by The Killers

If you meant a different name, please let me know, and I'll be happy to provide you with information!

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