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Additional Information About Yankel

Yankel: A Name with a Rich History


Yankel is a Yiddish name, a variation of the Hebrew name Yaakov (Jacob). It is derived from the word "Ya'aqov," meaning "he will supplant" or "he will follow." This name holds significant meaning in Jewish tradition, as it is the name of the patriarch Jacob, who is revered as one of the founders of the Jewish people.

Celebrity Babies:

While Yankel is a common name in Jewish communities, it is not a popular name in mainstream culture. As a result, there are no known celebrity babies with this name.


  • Popularity: Yankel is not a frequently used name in the US or other Western countries. Its popularity is mainly confined to Jewish communities.
  • Gender: It is primarily a male name.

Songs about Yankel:

There are no well-known songs explicitly titled "Yankel." However, there might be songs mentioning the name within their lyrics, especially in traditional Jewish music or folk songs.

Additional Information:

  • Nicknames: Yaakov, Jake, Yanky, Yank
  • Variations: Yaakov, Jacob, Ya'akov, Yankele


Yankel is a name deeply rooted in Jewish history and tradition. While it may not be a widely popular name, it holds significant meaning within Jewish communities.

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