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Additional Information About Zabel

Let's break down the information about the name Zabel:

Meaning of the Name Zabel:

The name Zabel is of Armenian origin and has a few possible meanings:

  • "God is my oath" - This interpretation reflects a strong sense of commitment and faith.
  • "Rose" - Another meaning suggests beauty, grace, and love.

Celebrity Babies with the Name Zabel:

There are no widely known celebrities with children named Zabel. The name is relatively uncommon, particularly outside of Armenian communities.

Stats for the Name Zabel:

  • Popularity: The name Zabel is extremely rare in most countries. It's not ranked in popularity lists for major regions like the US or UK.
  • Gender: While historically more common for girls, Zabel is currently used for both boys and girls.

Songs about Zabel:

There are no known songs specifically titled "Zabel" or directly referencing the name. However, some songs might explore themes relevant to the name's meaning, such as faith, love, or beauty, depending on the interpretation you prefer.

Finding Information:

Since the name is relatively uncommon, finding specific details about its usage might be challenging. You could explore:

  • Armenian language resources: Armenian language dictionaries or websites might offer additional information about the name's origin and significance.
  • Family history research: If you have Armenian heritage, family history research might uncover instances of the name within your lineage.

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