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Additional Information About Zachariah

The Meaning of Zachariah:

Zachariah is a Hebrew name meaning "God has remembered" or "the Lord has remembered." It is a biblical name, referencing the prophet Zachariah in the Old Testament.

Celebrity Babies with the Name Zachariah:

  • Zachariah David Beckham: Son of David and Victoria Beckham (born 2009)
  • Zachariah "Z" Johnson: Son of country singer Trace Adkins (born 2005)
  • Zachariah "Zack" Ryder: Son of actress Melissa Joan Hart (born 2006)

Stats for the Name Zachariah:

  • Popularity: While it's a classic name, Zachariah hasn't been a top-ranked name in recent years. Its peak popularity was in the 1990s.
  • Gender: Primarily a male name
  • Origin: Hebrew

Songs about Zachariah:

While there aren't many songs explicitly titled "Zachariah," the name does appear in some:

  • "Zachariah" by The Doobie Brothers: This song, while not actually about the name itself, features it in the lyrics.
  • "The Ballad of Zachariah" by David Allan Coe: A country song about a man named Zachariah.
  • "Zachariah" by The Rolling Stones: An instrumental track by the band, with a strong "Zachariah" chant in the background.

Additionally, the name "Zachariah" is sometimes used in songs as a reference to the biblical prophet or as a general male name.

Note: The availability of songs directly mentioning "Zachariah" may depend on your preferred music genres and your access to musical databases.

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