Christian Girl Name for Letter B

Name start with

Name Gender Religion View | Loved More
Baalah Girl Christian 40 | 24 View Details
Baalathbeer Girl Christian 41 | 15 View Details
Baara Girl Christian 48 | 27 View Details
Baaseiah Girl Christian 44 | 24 View Details
Babel Girl Christian 40 | 22 View Details
Baby Unigender Christian 78 | 29 View Details
Bahiti Girl Christian 44 | 22 View Details
Baibin Girl Christian 50 | 24 View Details
BaIbina Girl Christian 42 | 23 View Details
Baibre Girl Christian 51 | 26 View Details
Bairbre Girl Christian 46 | 26 View Details
Balara Girl Christian 45 | 27 View Details
Balbina Girl Christian 44 | 23 View Details
Balbine Girl Christian 45 | 29 View Details
Baldhart Girl Christian 39 | 24 View Details
Balera Girl Christian 45 | 25 View Details
Balere Girl Christian 51 | 25 View Details
Ballinderry Girl Christian 47 | 23 View Details
Bambie Girl Christian 44 | 23 View Details
Bamhi Girl Christian 43 | 23 View Details

At MBNM, we celebrate the richness of cultural diversity by exploring Christian girl names, particularly those that begin with the letter "B." Names carry profound significance, reflecting heritage and values.

Why the Meaning of a Baby Name is Important

The meaning behind a baby's name holds cultural, historical, and personal significance. It shapes a child's identity and can influence their journey through life. For Christian families, choosing a name with a meaningful biblical connection imparts a sense of faith and tradition.

Why Choose Us

MBNM stands out as your ultimate guide in the quest for the perfect name. Our platform encompasses a wide spectrum of names, from Christian and Muslim to Hindu girl names. We curate a diverse collection, ensuring that you find a name that resonates with your cultural and religious preferences. Our commitment is to provide a seamless and enriching experience in discovering the perfect name for your precious one.


Exploring Christian girl names with MBNM becomes a unique and meaningful journey in the tapestry of baby names. Embrace the cultural mosaic with our extensive collection, catering to Christian, Hindu, and Muslim girl names. Choose a name that not only sounds beautiful but also carries a profound and cherished meaning, enriching your child's life with cultural significance and tradition. Protection Status