Christian Girl Name For Letter G

Name start with

Name Gender Religion View | Loved More
Galena Girl Christian 15 | 5 View Details
Galenia Girl Christian 14 | 11 View Details
Galenka Girl Christian 11 | 11 View Details
Galia Girl Christian 16 | 12 View Details
Galiana Girl Christian 13 | 11 View Details
Galice Girl Christian 13 | 5 View Details
Galiena Girl Christian 12 | 4 View Details
Galiene Girl Christian 11 | 13 View Details
Galilah Girl Christian 15 | 5 View Details
Galilahi Girl Christian 15 | 14 View Details
Galina Girl Christian 14 | 6 View Details
Galine Girl Christian 13 | 11 View Details
Galit Girl Christian 12 | 12 View Details
Galla Girl Christian 12 | 5 View Details
Gallant Girl Christian 9 | 4 View Details
Gallia Girl Christian 24 | 14 View Details
Galochka Girl Christian 11 | 5 View Details
Gana Girl Christian 13 | 5 View Details
Ganet Girl Christian 14 | 6 View Details
Ganice Girl Christian 13 | 10 View Details

At MBNM, we recognize the profound significance of choosing a name for your baby, one that resonates with meaning and reflects values cherished by families. In the Christian tradition, names carry spiritual significance, often embodying virtues, blessings, or qualities parents aspire for their children to embody. In this brief exploration, we delve into Christian girl names starting with "G" and their beautiful meanings, offering insights to aid in this sacred decision-making process.

Why the Meaning of a Baby Name is Important

A name is not merely a label but a reflection of identity and heritage. It shapes a child's sense of self and can influence their journey through life. In the Christian faith, names hold particular significance, often rooted in biblical narratives or theological concepts. Understanding the meaning behind a name allows parents to imbue their child's identity with depth and purpose, fostering a connection to faith and tradition.

Why Choose Us

At MBNM, we are committed to providing families with a comprehensive resource for baby names and their meanings. Our platform offers a diverse collection of Christian girl names, meticulously researched and presented with their spiritual significance. Whether seeking a name steeped in biblical tradition or one that resonates with personal values, our database caters to the unique preferences of every family. Additionally, we offer a wide selection of  Christian, Muslim, and Hindu girl names, ensuring that all parents find the perfect name for their precious child.


In the journey of parenthood, selecting a name for your child is a deeply meaningful decision. Christian girl names starting with "G" offer a tapestry of spiritual meanings, reflecting divine virtues and aspirations. At MBNM, we are honored to assist families in this sacred endeavor, providing a wealth of options and insights to guide them in choosing a name that embodies their faith and values. Protection Status