Christian Girl Name for Letter K

Name start with

Name Gender Religion View | Loved More
Ksena Girl Christian 16 | 7 View Details
Kseniya Girl Christian 10 | 6 View Details
Ktisztina Girl Christian 15 | 7 View Details
Kumiko Girl Christian 18 | 5 View Details
Kumudavati Girl Christian 12 | 5 View Details
Kundegunda Girl Christian 13 | 5 View Details
Kundegunde Girl Christian 11 | 4 View Details
Kunegundy Girl Christian 11 | 7 View Details
Kunigunde Girl Christian 10 | 6 View Details
Kunto Girl Christian 9 | 6 View Details
Kuonrada Girl Christian 14 | 4 View Details
Kuwanlelenta Girl Christian 17 | 5 View Details
Kuwanyamtiwa Girl Christian 13 | 4 View Details
Kuwanyauma Girl Christian 17 | 12 View Details
Kwanjai Girl Christian 17 | 7 View Details
Kya Unigender Christian 30 | 17 View Details
Kyan Unigender Christian 31 | 20 View Details
Kylah Girl Christian 11 | 6 View Details
Kylea Girl Christian 7 | 6 View Details
Kyleen Girl Christian 13 | 4 View Details

Welcome to MBNM, where we take pride in unraveling the profound meanings behind names. In this segment, we delve into the realm of Christian girl names, specifically those beginning with the letter "K". Each name carries a unique significance, reflecting the rich tapestry of cultural and religious heritage.

Why the Meaning of Baby Names is Important

The importance of a baby's name goes beyond its mere identification; it embodies a story, a heritage, and a purpose. Understanding the meaning behind a name provides a deeper connection to one's roots, traditions, and the aspirations parents hold for their child. In the case of Christian girl names, these meanings often hold religious or historical significance, contributing to a sense of identity and purpose throughout one's life.

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