Hindu Boy Name For Letter J

Name start with

Name Gender Religion View | Loved More
Jaai Boy Hindu 52 | 25 View Details
Jaaijit Boy Hindu 46 | 25 View Details
Jabaar Boy Hindu 48 | 24 View Details
Jabar Boy Hindu 45 | 22 View Details
Jabarr Boy Hindu 46 | 25 View Details
Jabbaar Boy Hindu 50 | 27 View Details
Jadhav Boy Hindu 49 | 25 View Details
Jag Jeevan Boy Hindu 45 | 17 View Details
Jagad Boy Hindu 51 | 25 View Details
Jagadees Boy Hindu 50 | 26 View Details
Jagadhish Boy Hindu 44 | 23 View Details
Jagat Boy Hindu 47 | 25 View Details
Jagatbehari Boy Hindu 47 | 18 View Details
Jagatguru Boy Hindu 46 | 23 View Details
Jagath Boy Hindu 48 | 19 View Details
Jagatkishor Boy Hindu 45 | 18 View Details
Jagatpal Boy Hindu 45 | 24 View Details
Jagatprabhu Boy Hindu 42 | 21 View Details
Jagatprakash Boy Hindu 42 | 21 View Details
Jagatveer Boy Hindu 47 | 18 View Details

In Hindu tradition, the selection of a baby's name is a significant ritual, reflecting the family's cultural heritage, values, and aspirations. Hindu boy names beginning with "J" carry a rich tapestry of meanings, symbolizing virtues, blessings, and auspicious qualities. At MBNM, we delve into the essence of these names, unraveling their profound significance to assist parents in choosing the perfect name for their newborn sons.

Why the Meaning of a Baby Name is Important

The importance of a baby's name transcends mere identification; it shapes their identity and influences their journey through life. In Hindu culture, names are believed to carry vibrations that can impact a child's character and destiny. Selecting a name with positive meanings and auspicious connotations is a way of bestowing blessings upon the child, ensuring their well-being and prosperity.

Why Choose Us

At MBNM, we understand the sacredness of the naming process and the weight of this decision for parents. Our platform offers a comprehensive database of Muslim, Hindu, and Christian boy names, each accompanied by its meaning, origin, and cultural significance. For Hindu parents seeking names starting with "J" for their baby boys, our curated collection provides a diverse array of options, ranging from ancient mythological figures to contemporary favorites.

In Hindu tradition, names beginning with "J" abound with symbolism and significance. For example, "Jay" signifies victory and triumph, embodying the parents' hopes for their child's success and prosperity. Similarly, "Jagannath" invokes the divine, representing the lord of the universe and symbolizing cosmic harmony and order.

Exploring Hindu boy names on MBNM allows parents to connect with centuries of tradition, mythology, and spiritual wisdom. Whether seeking a name steeped in ancient lore or one that resonates with modern sensibilities, our platform ensures that every choice is informed, meaningful, and filled with love.


In the journey of parenthood, the selection of a baby's name is a sacred and deeply personal endeavor. Hindu boy names starting with "J" offer a window into a world of tradition, spirituality, and cultural richness. At MBNM, we are honored to assist parents on this heartfelt quest, providing a platform that celebrates the profound meanings beyond names, enriching the journey of new beginnings with wisdom, joy, and boundless love.

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