Hindu Boy Name For Letter U

Name start with

Name Gender Religion View | Loved More
Ugresh Boy Hindu 53 | 32 View Details
Ujendra Boy Hindu 21 | 6 View Details
Ujjal Boy Hindu 18 | 5 View Details
Ujjay Boy Hindu 15 | 6 View Details
Ujjwal Boy Hindu 12 | 6 View Details
Ujval Boy Hindu 14 | 6 View Details
Ukesh Boy Hindu 15 | 5 View Details
Ulagan Boy Hindu 14 | 4 View Details
Ulagappan Boy Hindu 15 | 5 View Details
Ullas Boy Hindu 13 | 9 View Details
Ullasit Boy Hindu 12 | 5 View Details
Ulmuk Boy Hindu 14 | 7 View Details
Umaid Boy Hindu 14 | 6 View Details
Umakanta Boy Hindu 9 | 3 View Details
Umakar Boy Hindu 11 | 5 View Details
Umapati Boy Hindu 13 | 2 View Details
Umeshwar Boy Hindu 13 | 12 View Details
Umrao Boy Hindu 15 | 5 View Details
Unnabh Boy Hindu 15 | 4 View Details
Unnatish Boy Hindu 14 | 4 View Details

Choosing a name for your baby is a deeply meaningful task, especially in Hindu culture where names often carry profound significance. Each name is believed to shape the child's identity and destiny. Hindu boy names, beginning with "U," offer a diverse array of meanings, rooted in ancient traditions and cultural heritage.

Why the Meaning of a Baby Name is Important


The significance of a baby's name goes beyond mere identification. In Hinduism, names are thought to influence a child's personality, character, and future endeavors. They may reflect the family's values, religious beliefs, or aspirations for the child. Understanding the meaning behind a name allows parents to imbue their children with positive attributes and blessings, guiding them through life's journey.

Why Choose Us


At MBNM (My Baby Name Meaning), we recognize the profound importance of selecting the perfect name for your little one. Our platform offers a comprehensive database of Hindu boy names, meticulously curated to provide not only a diverse selection but also accurate meanings and cultural context. Whether you seek a traditional name deeply rooted in Hindu mythology or a modern name with profound significance, we strive to offer a collection that resonates with your preferences and values.

Exploring our collection of Hindu boy names starting with "U," you'll find a rich tapestry of meanings and origins. From ancient Sanskrit names symbolizing strength and wisdom to more contemporary names embodying virtues like courage and compassion, each name carries a unique story waiting to unfold.


In the journey of parenthood, every decision holds significance, and choosing your baby's name is one of the most significant. Hindu boy names starting with "U" offer a window into a rich cultural heritage, where tradition meets innovation, and meaning intertwines with melody. Let MBNM be your guide in this profound journey, where each name is not just a label but a beacon of hope, a promise of greatness, and a legacy of love for generations to come.

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