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Additional Information About Maanya

Maanya: A Name with Meaning and Popularity


Maanya is a beautiful name of Indian origin. It is a variant of the name "Manas" and "Manasi," which mean "mind," "intellect," or "thought" in Sanskrit.

The name Maanya evokes a sense of intelligence, creativity, and thoughtfulness. It also carries a sense of strength and determination.

Celebrity Babies with the Name Maanya:

  • Maanya Singh: This Indian actress is known for her work in the Hindi film industry.
  • Maanya Jaydev: This is the name of a young child whose parents are Indian actors, but she has not yet entered the public eye.

Stats for the Name Maanya:

It's difficult to find exact statistics for the name Maanya, especially on a global scale. However, based on data from popular baby name websites and forums:

  • Popularity: Maanya is a relatively uncommon name, but it is growing in popularity in India and other parts of the world.
  • Gender: Maanya is predominantly a female name.

Songs about Maanya:

  • There are no known songs specifically titled "Maanya" or directly about a person with that name.


  • The popularity of Maanya may vary depending on the region and year.
  • It's possible that there are other people named Maanya who are not publicly known.

While the name Maanya might not have a long history of celebrity association or dedicated songs, it holds significant meaning and is increasingly chosen for its unique sound and beautiful meaning.

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