Additional Information About Nalina

The Meaning of Nalina

The name Nalina is of Sanskrit origin and has a beautiful meaning:

  • "Lotus Flower"

This name is often associated with purity, beauty, and enlightenment, as the lotus flower symbolizes these qualities in many cultures.

Celebrity Babies with the Name Nalina

There are no notable celebrity babies with the name Nalina. It's a relatively uncommon name, even in countries with strong Sanskrit influences.

Stats for the Name Nalina

Finding exact stats for the name Nalina is difficult due to its uncommon nature. However, based on limited data:

  • It's a rarer name in most countries.
  • It's more common in India, due to its Sanskrit origin.
  • It's gaining some popularity in recent years, potentially due to its beautiful meaning and unique sound.

Songs about Nalina

There are no known songs specifically about Nalina. It's possible that there are obscure songs or folk songs mentioning the name, but they are not widely known.


Nalina is a beautiful name with a rich meaning. While not a common choice for babies, it's gaining popularity and could be a unique and meaningful option.

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