Additional Information About Ocnus

Ocnus: A Name Steeped in Mythology


  • Ocnus is a Latin name of Etruscan origin. It's derived from the Etruscan word "ocnu," meaning "strong, powerful, or valiant."

Mythological Significance:

  • Ocnus is a figure in Roman mythology, known for his tireless work and endless task. He's often depicted building a wall, only for an ass to demolish it each night. This symbolizes the futility of labor against the forces of destruction.

Celebrity Babies:

  • No celebrity babies are named Ocnus. The name is uncommon and largely associated with its mythological origin.

Stats for the Name Ocnus:

  • Popularity: Ocnus is an extremely rare name. There is no significant data available on its popularity in modern times.

Songs about Ocnus:

  • There are no known songs explicitly dedicated to Ocnus. However, his story has inspired works of art and literature, which may indirectly relate to his name.


Ocnus is a name with a rich mythological background but is rarely used in modern times. While it's not a popular name for babies, its meaning and story continue to hold cultural significance.

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