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Meaning of the Name Pramodan

  • Origin: The name "Pramodan" is of Indian origin, specifically from the Sanskrit language.
  • Meaning: "Pramodan" means "joy" or "delight" in Sanskrit.

Celebrity Babies with the Name Pramodan

  • Notably, there are no widely known celebrity babies named Pramodan. This is likely due to the name being more common in certain Indian cultures and less so in mainstream Western media.

Stats for the Name Pramodan

  • Rarity: It's a relatively uncommon name, even within India. There's no readily available public data on name popularity for specific Indian names like Pramodan.

Songs about Pramodan

  • No known songs specifically titled "Pramodan" exist. It's a very niche name, so it's unlikely to have a dedicated song.

Additional Notes

  • Variations: You might come across similar-sounding names like "Pramod" or "Pramode" which are more common. They share a similar meaning of joy and pleasure.
  • Cultural Significance: In Indian cultures, names like Pramodan often carry significant meaning and are chosen based on their auspiciousness and hoped-for qualities for the child.

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