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Additional Information About Qamra(قَمْرَاء)

Let's break down the name Qamra (قَمْرَاء) and its related inquiries:

Meaning of Qamra (قَمْرَاء):

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: "The Moon" or "Moon-like"

The name Qamra is a beautiful and evocative name that draws on the imagery of the moon. It suggests qualities like: * Luminous: Radiating beauty and light. * Mysterious: Holding a sense of intrigue and hidden depths. * Serene: Calming and peaceful.

Celebrity Babies with the Name Qamra (قَمْرَاء):

Unfortunately, there isn't any readily available information about celebrity babies named Qamra. It is a beautiful name with a strong cultural connection, but it might not be as common in popular culture.

Stats for the Name Qamra (قَمْرَاء):

  • Rarity: The name Qamra is quite rare, especially in Western cultures. It is more common in Arabic-speaking regions.
  • Popularity: Exact data on the name's popularity is challenging to find without access to specific databases from Arabic-speaking countries.

Songs about Qamra (قَمْرَاء):

It's unlikely there are songs specifically titled "Qamra" or dedicated to the name itself. The moon is a recurring theme in many cultures and songs, though. If you're interested in songs referencing the moon, you can explore themes like: * Love and Romance: The moon often symbolizes love, longing, and romantic yearning. * Nighttime and Mystery: The moon is associated with the night, mystery, and the unknown. * Nature and Beauty: The moon's beauty and celestial presence inspire artists and songwriters.

Finding More Information:

To find more detailed information about the name Qamra, you might try searching:

  • Arabic language websites: Websites focused on Arabic culture and names could offer more insights.
  • Name databases: Some specialized databases might track name popularity in specific regions.

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