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Additional Information About Quintana

Quintana: A Name of Spanish Origin

Quintana is a Spanish surname, meaning "fifth" or "fifth place." It's derived from the Latin word "quintus," which signifies the fifth in sequence.

Celebrity Babies with the name Quintana:

  • Quintana Roo (born 2014), daughter of actress Eva Longoria and businessman José Antonio Bastón.

Stats for the name Quintana:

The name Quintana is relatively rare. It is not included in the top 1000 most popular baby names in the US. However, it is steadily growing in popularity, particularly in states with large Hispanic populations.

Songs about Quintana:

There are no known songs specifically titled "Quintana." However, the name might be mentioned in some songs, especially those with Spanish themes or references to places with strong ties to the surname, like Quintana Roo, a state in Mexico.

Further Exploration:

  • Quintana Roo is a state in southeastern Mexico known for its beautiful beaches and Mayan ruins.
  • The surname Quintana is more prevalent in Spanish-speaking countries like Mexico, Spain, and Latin America.

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