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Additional Information About Quinnlan

Quinnlan: A Name with Irish Roots and Modern Appeal

Meaning: Quinnlan is an Irish surname, originally derived from the Gaelic "Ó Cuanacháin" meaning "descendant of Cuanachán." Cuanachán is a personal name, likely meaning "little hound" or "small dog."

Celebrity Babies:

While Quinnlan isn't a super common name, it has been chosen by a few celebrities:

  • Quinnlan Van Zandt: Daughter of musician Stevie Van Zandt and actress Maureen Van Zandt.
  • Quinnlan K. McGee: Daughter of actress Tiffani Thiessen and actor Brady Smith.

Stats for the Name Quinnlan:

  • Popularity: Quinnlan is a relatively uncommon name, ranking outside the top 1000 in the US. However, it has been gaining some traction in recent years.
  • Gender: Primarily used for girls, though it can be used for boys as well.
  • Variations: The name Quinn is a popular and related name.

Songs about Quinnlan:

As a relatively uncommon name, there are no well-known songs specifically about Quinnlan.

Further Information:

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