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Additional Information About Raiqah

It seems like you're asking about the name "Raiqah". Here's what I can tell you:


  • Raiqah is an Arabic name, likely of Persian origin. It means "graceful, elegant, or beautiful". The root word "raiq" generally refers to something that is flowing or smooth, which can be associated with elegance and beauty.

Celebrity Babies:

  • I'm unable to find any information on celebrities who have named their children Raiqah. This name is likely not very common in Western cultures, and it's difficult to find comprehensive data on baby names in all cultures.


  • Due to its relative obscurity, there are no readily available statistics for the name Raiqah. This information would likely be available through specific cultural or linguistic databases or in regions where the name is more popular.


  • As a unique name, there are no known songs directly titled "Raiqah". It's possible that the name might be referenced in songs with themes of grace, beauty, or Arabic culture.

Finding More Information:

  • You could try searching online databases or forums focused on Arabic names. There might be more information available there.
  • If you have specific cultural or regional information in mind, searching for names within those contexts may yield results.

I hope this gives you a good starting point for your research on the name Raiqah!

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