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Rajisha: Meaning and More

Let's explore the name Rajisha:


Rajisha is a name of Indian origin, primarily used in the Malayalam language. It's a combination of two elements:

  • Raja: Meaning "king" or "ruler"
  • Isha: Meaning "goddess" or "lord"

Therefore, Rajisha can be interpreted as "Queen," "Ruler of Goddesses," or "Goddess Ruler." It embodies strength, power, and divine feminine energy.

Celebrity Babies:

There are no notable celebrities who have named their children Rajisha. However, the name has gained some popularity in recent years, especially in Kerala, India.

Stats for the Name Rajisha:

While the name Rajisha isn't very common globally, it's becoming more popular in Kerala, India. It's difficult to find accurate global statistics as the name might be listed under variations or transliterations.

Songs about Rajisha:

There aren't any specific songs dedicated to the name Rajisha. However, many songs in Indian languages, particularly Malayalam, celebrate female strength and divine feminine power, which align with the meaning of Rajisha.


Rajisha is a beautiful and meaningful name that represents strength, power, and divinity. While it's not widely known globally, its popularity is growing in certain regions, especially in Kerala, India.

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