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Additional information about Sadaqat(صَدَاقَت)

Let's break down the name Sadaqat (صَدَاقَت):


  • Sadaqat (صَدَاقَت) is an Arabic name predominantly used for boys.
  • It means "truthfulness," "honesty," "veracity," or "sincerity." It reflects a core value of Islamic faith and moral conduct.

Celebrity Babies:

  • There are no known celebrity babies with the name Sadaqat. This name is primarily used within Muslim communities, and its usage may not be widespread in Western cultures where celebrities are often tracked.


  • It's challenging to find comprehensive global stats for the name Sadaqat. Name statistics vary significantly by region and culture. You might find some data on specific databases for Muslim names, but it's likely not to be as widely documented as more popular names.

Songs about Sadaqat:

  • There are no known songs titled "Sadaqat" or directly referencing the name. This is due to the name's primarily cultural usage. It's not a name commonly found in popular song lyrics or music titles.

Important Notes:

  • If you are considering naming a child Sadaqat, it's a beautiful and meaningful name rooted in positive values.
  • While it might not be a mainstream name in the West, it is a culturally important and significant name within many Muslim communities.

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