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Additional Information About Tabassum(تَبَسُّم)

Tabassum (تَبَسُّم)


Tabassum is an Arabic name meaning "smile" or "a cheerful expression". It is a beautiful and positive name that reflects joy and happiness.

Celebrity Babies:

There aren't many well-known celebrities with the name Tabassum. It is more common in South Asian cultures. You might find some celebrities with the name spelled differently, like "Tabasum."

Stats for the Name:

  • Popularity: The name Tabassum is relatively common in countries like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. However, it's less common in Western countries.
  • Gender: Primarily used for girls.
  • Origin: Arabic

Songs about Tabassum:

There are no well-known songs specifically titled "Tabassum." However, many songs in various languages might mention the name or the concept of "smiling" or "joy." For example:

  • "Tabassum" by Atif Aslam (Urdu): A popular song by Pakistani singer Atif Aslam featuring the word "Tabassum" in the title and lyrics.
  • "Smile" by Nat King Cole (English): A classic song about the power of smiling and its impact on others.
  • "A smile" by Justin Bieber (English): A popular song that mentions smiling as a positive action.

Finding More Information:

To find more information about the name Tabassum, you can search online for:

  • "Tabassum name meaning": This will provide you with more details about the name's origin and significance.
  • "Tabassum baby name": This will help you find resources about the name's popularity and usage.
  • "Tabassum songs": This might lead you to songs in different languages that mention the name or the concept of smiling.

Remember that the meaning of a name can hold different significance for different people and cultures. The beauty of a name lies in its personal connection and the stories it evokes.

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