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Additional Information About Tabassum.(تَبَسُّم)

Tabassum (تَبَسُّم)


The name Tabassum (تَبَسُّم) is an Arabic name meaning "smile" or "laughter." It is a beautiful and evocative name that symbolizes happiness, joy, and positivity.

Celebrity Babies with this name:

While Tabassum is a common name in many Muslim cultures, it's not often chosen by celebrities. However, there are some notable individuals with this name:

  • Tabassum Fatima: A Pakistani actress and model.
  • Tabassum Hashmi: An Indian actress and TV personality.

Stats for the Name Tabassum:

  • Popularity: Tabassum is a common name in many Muslim-majority countries, particularly in South Asia. While exact statistics vary by region, it's considered a popular and traditional name.
  • Gender: Tabassum is predominantly a female name.
  • Origin: Arabic

Songs about Tabassum:

There are no known songs directly titled "Tabassum" or specifically dedicated to the name. However, several songs in various languages may feature the word "tabassum" (smile) or its variations, often used metaphorically to convey happiness or joy.

Finding Songs:

You can try searching for songs in languages like Urdu, Hindi, or Bengali using keywords like "tabassum," "muskurana," or "hasi," which all translate to "smile" or "laughter." You can also explore music by artists from cultures where Tabassum is a common name, as they may incorporate the word or concept of smiling in their songs.

Remember that the meaning and symbolism of names can vary depending on cultural context and individual interpretations. However, Tabassum carries a positive and uplifting connotation, making it a beautiful and meaningful name.

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