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Additional Information About Wahidah(وَحِيدَه)

Wahidah (وَحِيدَه)


Wahidah (وَحِيدَه) is an Arabic name meaning "unique," "one and only," or "solitary." It's a beautiful name that signifies individuality and distinction.

Celebrity Babies:

While Wahidah is a popular name in some cultures, it's not a common choice for celebrities. There are no widely known celebrity babies with the name Wahidah. However, it's important to note that many cultures and families keep their children's names private, so there may be individuals with this name that are not publicly known.

Stats for the Name:

It's difficult to find precise statistics for the name Wahidah globally. However, its popularity is likely to be concentrated in Arabic-speaking countries and communities. You can search for baby name statistics within specific countries or regions on websites like BabyCenter or Behind the Name.

Songs about Wahidah:

While there are no popular songs specifically titled "Wahidah," there may be songs referencing the meaning of the name or individuals with this name. Searching for Arabic music or songs with themes of uniqueness, individuality, or solitude might reveal songs that resonate with the meaning of Wahidah.


Wahidah is a beautiful and meaningful Arabic name that embodies uniqueness and individuality. Although it's not widely used by celebrities, it's likely to be popular in Arabic-speaking communities.

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