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Additional Information About Xeno

Xeno: A Name with Ancient Roots and Modern Appeal


Xeno comes from the Greek word "xenos," meaning "stranger" or "guest." It carries a sense of otherness, exploration, and welcoming the unknown.

Celebrity Babies with the Name Xeno:

While Xeno isn't a common name, it has been chosen by a few celebrities:

  • Xeno Gabriel is the son of American actor Michael Sheen and English actress Sarah Silverman. Born in 2022, Xeno is a unique and modern name choice for the celebrity couple.

Stats for the Name Xeno:

  • Popularity: Xeno is a rare name, ranking outside the top 1000 in the US. It's considered a unique and distinctive choice.
  • Gender: Xeno is traditionally a masculine name, though it could be used for girls as well.

Songs about Xeno:

  • There are no songs specifically about the name Xeno. This is due to its rarity and lack of widespread cultural association.

However, its meaning could inspire lyrics about:

  • Travel and exploration
  • Meeting new people and cultures
  • Embracing the unfamiliar
  • The beauty of diversity

Overall, Xeno is a name with a strong and intriguing meaning. Its rarity makes it a unique and memorable choice for parents looking for something different.

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