Christian Baby Name for Letter C

Name start with

Name Gender Religion View | Loved More
Cactus Unigender Christian 77 | 27 View Details
Caelan Unigender Christian 69 | 36 View Details
Camilla Unigender Christian 58 | 25 View Details
Camren Unigender Christian 52 | 30 View Details
Camrynn Unigender Christian 60 | 33 View Details
Carmello Unigender Christian 55 | 24 View Details
Carrey Unigender Christian 59 | 23 View Details
Casie Unigender Christian 57 | 25 View Details
Cason Unigender Christian 64 | 25 View Details
Cassey Unigender Christian 55 | 25 View Details
Cattle Unigender Christian 57 | 26 View Details
Cavall Unigender Christian 63 | 25 View Details
Celestyn Unigender Christian 62 | 27 View Details
Celt Unigender Christian 56 | 31 View Details
Channing Unigender Christian 63 | 21 View Details
Cheyenne Unigender Christian 62 | 25 View Details
Chriss Unigender Christian 54 | 20 View Details
Christia Unigender Christian 54 | 26 View Details
Cielo Unigender Christian 54 | 26 View Details

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Why the Meaning of a Baby Name is Important

A baby's name is a precious gift, carrying the essence of identity and heritage. In the Christian tradition, names are more than labels; they encapsulate stories from the Bible, virtues, and the legacies of saints. Understanding the meaning behind a name becomes a connection to a deep well of faith, fostering a sense of purpose and cultural continuity.

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