Muslim Boy Name for Letter B

Name start with

Name Gender Religion View | Loved More
Barr Boy Muslim 27 | 12 View Details
Barraq Boy Muslim 17 | 15 View Details
Barzakh(بَرْزَخ) Unigender Muslim 104 | 34 View Details
Basair(بَصَائِر) Unigender Muslim 102 | 30 View Details
Basar(بَصَر) Boy Muslim 27 | 15 View Details
Basel Boy Muslim 17 | 17 View Details
Basem Boy Muslim 24 | 19 View Details
Bashaar Boy Muslim 23 | 20 View Details
Bashar Boy Muslim 17 | 10 View Details
Basharat(بَشَارَت) Boy Muslim 22 | 11 View Details
Bashir(بَشِيْر) Boy Muslim 19 | 4 View Details
Basil Boy Muslim 24 | 19 View Details
Basim Boy Muslim 20 | 10 View Details
Basiq(بَاسِق) Boy Muslim 16 | 6 View Details
Basir(بَصِير) Boy Muslim 15 | 12 View Details
Basit(بَسِيط) Boy Muslim 19 | 14 View Details
Bassam Boy Muslim 23 | 17 View Details
Batal Boy Muslim 20 | 12 View Details
Bayan(بَيَان) Unigender Muslim 98 | 27 View Details
Bazaan Boy Muslim 18 | 10 View Details

Welcome to MBNM – your ultimate destination for exploring the beautiful meanings behind baby names! In this section, we delve into the significance of Muslim boy names beginning with the letter "B," unveiling the rich tapestry of meanings and cultural significance they hold.

Why Meaning of Baby Name is Important

The significance of a baby's name extends far beyond mere identification; it serves as a beacon of identity, heritage, and aspirations. Understanding the meaning behind a name can provide insight into the values, beliefs, and cultural heritage of a family. For Muslim families, the selection of a name holds particular importance, as it often reflects attributes cherished within Islamic tradition, such as faith, humility, and strength. Delving into the meanings behind Muslim boy names starting with "B" allows parents to imbue their child with virtues they hold dear, fostering a sense of connection and purpose from the very beginning of life's journey.

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Conclusion: The Power of a Name

In the timeless quest of selecting the perfect name for your little one, MBNM stands as your faithful guide, illuminating the profound meanings behind Muslim boy names beginning with "B." Embrace the beauty of tradition, the richness of culture, and the depth of significance as you embark on this joyous exploration with us. Let each name you discover resonate with love, hope, and dreams for the precious life you are welcoming into the world. With MBNM, celebrate the essence of identity and heritage through the power of a name. Protection Status