Muslim Girl Name for Letter D

Name start with

Name Gender Religion View | Loved More
Daania Girl Muslim 39 | 22 View Details
Daanya Girl Muslim 35 | 20 View Details
Dafiyah Girl Muslim 34 | 19 View Details
Dahab Girl Muslim 41 | 19 View Details
Dahma Girl Muslim 45 | 18 View Details
Dahwah(ضَحْوَه) Girl Muslim 51 | 15 View Details
Daleela Girl Muslim 41 | 20 View Details
Daliya Girl Muslim 34 | 20 View Details
Damirah(ضَمِيرَه) Girl Muslim 54 | 18 View Details
Damrah(ضَمْرَه) Girl Muslim 56 | 17 View Details
Daneen Girl Muslim 34 | 19 View Details
Dani(دَانِي) Unigender Muslim 101 | 29 View Details
Daniya(دَانِيَة) Girl Muslim 58 | 16 View Details
Daniyah(دَانِيَه) Girl Muslim 61 | 19 View Details
Darakhshaan Girl Muslim 49 | 21 View Details
Darakhshan Girl Muslim 45 | 22 View Details
Daria Girl Muslim 41 | 21 View Details
Dawa,Dawah(دَعْوَة) Unigender Muslim 95 | 30 View Details
DawlatKhatoon Girl Muslim 35 | 13 View Details
Deeba Girl Muslim 39 | 22 View Details

In the timeless quest of naming a newborn, the significance behind the chosen name holds profound importance. At MBNM, our mission transcends cultural boundaries, providing a rich tapestry of names and meanings, encompassing Muslim, Hindu, and Christian baby names. Let's explore the enchanting realm of Muslim girl names that commence with the letter "D."

Why the Meaning of a Baby Name is Important

Understanding the meaning of a baby's name serves as a bridge connecting heritage, beliefs, and aspirations. Muslim, Hindu, and Christian baby names often carry cultural and spiritual weight, symbolizing virtues, blessings, or familial ties. The choice of a name becomes a celebration of tradition and faith, forging a connection between the child and their cultural roots. At MBNM, we recognize the intrinsic value of meaningful names and provide an inclusive platform that caters to diverse cultural backgrounds. Whether it's a Muslim girl name, a Hindu name, or a Christian name, we ensure that each entry is accompanied by its authentic meaning, offering a deeper connection for parents.

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MBNM stands as a reliable source for parents seeking a comprehensive understanding of baby names. Our extensive collection covers Muslim, Hindu, and Christian baby names, reflecting our commitment to inclusivity. We take pride in curating names that resonate with cultural and religious significance, ensuring accuracy and authenticity in every entry. With MBNM, your journey to find the perfect name becomes a seamless and enriching experience.


In the diverse spectrum of naming traditions, MBNM serves as a unifying platform that celebrates the beauty of Muslim, Hindu, and Christian baby names. Choosing a name starting with "D" for your Muslim baby girl becomes a meaningful endeavor with our curated meanings. Trust MBNM to guide you through this joyous journey, where each name reflects a cherished piece of cultural heritage and familial connection, ensuring your child's name is a testament to love, tradition, and faith. Protection Status