Muslim Girl Name for Letter N

Name start with

Name Gender Religion View | Loved More
Na’eemah Girl Muslim 34 | 19 View Details
Na’ilah Girl Muslim 32 | 21 View Details
Na’imah Girl Muslim 36 | 20 View Details
Naa’irah Girl Muslim 35 | 15 View Details
Naailah Girl Muslim 35 | 21 View Details
Naajidah Girl Muslim 34 | 22 View Details
Naama,Naema(نَعْمَة) Girl Muslim 63 | 17 View Details
Naazneen Girl Muslim 35 | 19 View Details
Naba Girl Muslim 37 | 20 View Details
Nabeeha Girl Muslim 40 | 20 View Details
Nabeelah Girl Muslim 36 | 14 View Details
Nabiha Girl Muslim 35 | 20 View Details
Nabihah Girl Muslim 40 | 19 View Details
Nabijah Girl Muslim 41 | 21 View Details
Nabila Girl Muslim 35 | 21 View Details
Nabilah Girl Muslim 38 | 21 View Details
Nabitah(نَابِتَه) Girl Muslim 65 | 25 View Details
Nada Girl Muslim 36 | 21 View Details
Nadeen Girl Muslim 42 | 14 View Details
Nadesh Girl Muslim 39 | 22 View Details

Welcome to MBNM, your gateway to the profound world of baby names and their meanings. In this edition, we explore Muslim girl names starting with the letter "N" and uncover the significance behind each name.

Why the Meaning of a Baby Name is Important

The meaning of a baby's name holds immense importance, transcending mere identification. Muslim girl names beginning with "N" carry cultural, spiritual, and familial significance. These names symbolize virtues, blessings, and aspirations, creating a connection between the child and their heritage. Understanding these meanings adds depth and purpose to the naming process, making it a celebration of tradition and faith.

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