Muslim Girl Name for Letter J

Name start with

Name Gender Religion View | Loved More
Jabal(جَبَل) Unigender Muslim 113 | 39 View Details
Jabalah Girl Muslim 37 | 18 View Details
Jabeen Girl Muslim 40 | 17 View Details
Jabin(جَبِين) Girl Muslim 61 | 15 View Details
Jabrayah Girl Muslim 43 | 18 View Details
Jadid(جَدِيْد) Unigender Muslim 99 | 27 View Details
Jahaan,Jahan Girl Muslim 38 | 18 View Details
JahanAara Girl Muslim 43 | 18 View Details
Jahanara Girl Muslim 38 | 19 View Details
JahanKhatoon Girl Muslim 40 | 19 View Details
Jahdamah Girl Muslim 37 | 17 View Details
Jahida Girl Muslim 43 | 18 View Details
Jahmyyllah Girl Muslim 42 | 9 View Details
Jaiyana Girl Muslim 41 | 18 View Details
Jalilah(جَلِيلَه) Girl Muslim 57 | 7 View Details
Jameela,Jameelah Girl Muslim 38 | 15 View Details
Jameena Girl Muslim 41 | 12 View Details
Jamia Girl Muslim 41 | 11 View Details
Jamila Girl Muslim 38 | 16 View Details
Jamilah(جَمِيلَه) Girl Muslim 61 | 17 View Details

Step into the captivating realm of MBNM, where the journey of naming takes on a profound meaning. In this edition, we explore Muslim girl names starting with "J" and unravel the significance they hold.

Why the Meaning of a Baby Name is Important

The importance of a baby's name extends far beyond mere identification. It serves as a cultural emblem, carrying the weight of traditions, values, and aspirations. Muslim girl names beginning with "J" encapsulate virtues, blessings, and unique attributes, forging a connection between the child and their rich cultural heritage. Understanding these meanings adds a layer of depth to the naming process, turning it into a celebration of identity and tradition.

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Choose MBNM as your trusted companion on the journey of naming. Our platform embraces diversity, offering a curated collection of Muslim, Hindu, and Christian baby names. Each entry is accompanied by authentic meanings, ensuring accuracy and cultural significance. Whether you seek a name steeped in Islamic tradition, Hindu culture, or Christian faith, MBNM provides a comprehensive and reliable resource for your naming needs.


In the enchanting tapestry of naming traditions, MBNM stands as a beacon for those seeking meaning and cultural richness. For Muslim girl names commencing with "J," our platform offers not just a name but a story steeped in significance. Trust MBNM to guide you towards a name that reflects love, tradition, and holds a special place in the hearts of you and your little one. Protection Status