Muslim Girl Name for Letter O

Name start with

Name Gender Religion View | Loved More
Ola(عُلا) Unigender Muslim 110 | 33 View Details
Olia,Ulya(عُلْيَا) Unigender Muslim 107 | 41 View Details
Omam(أُمَم) Unigender Muslim 113 | 28 View Details
Omera Girl Muslim 42 | 20 View Details
Omnia,Umnia(أُمْنِيَة) Girl Muslim 68 | 24 View Details
One Unigender Muslim, Hindu 89 | 25 View Details
Orub,Urub(عُرُب) Girl Muslim 71 | 26 View Details
Osul(أُصُوْل) Unigender Muslim 105 | 26 View Details
Oula(أُوْلَى) Girl Muslim 65 | 18 View Details
Oyun(عُيُوْن) Girl Muslim 64 | 23 View Details

Step into the captivating world of baby names at MBNM, where we unravel the meanings behind each name. In this feature, let's explore Muslim girl names starting with the letter "O" and delve into the significance they carry.

Why the Meaning of a Baby Name is Important

The meaning of a baby's name is a key aspect of their identity. Muslim girl names beginning with "O" go beyond mere labels, encapsulating cultural and spiritual significance. These names often symbolize virtues, blessings, and unique qualities, creating a meaningful connection between the child and their heritage. Understanding these meanings adds depth to the naming process, making it a celebration of tradition and faith.

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Choose MBNM for a comprehensive exploration of baby names from various cultural backgrounds, including Muslim, Hindu, and Christian traditions. Our platform is a reliable source, offering authentic meanings for each name listed. Whether you are drawn to names rooted in Islamic traditions, Hindu culture, or Christian faith, MBNM provides a diverse and enriching collection to guide your naming journey.


In the rich tapestry of naming traditions, MBNM stands as a guide for those seeking cultural diversity and meaningful connections. For Muslim girl names starting with "O," our platform provides not just names but stories steeped in significance. Trust MBNM to assist you in choosing a name that resonates with love, tradition, and holds a special place in the hearts of you and your precious one. Protection Status