Muslim Baby Name for Letter B

Name start with

Name Gender Religion View | Loved More
Badr(بَدْر) Unigender Muslim 97 | 25 View Details
Bahja(بَهْجَة) Unigender Muslim 93 | 25 View Details
Baka,Bakka(بَكَّة) Unigender Muslim 98 | 24 View Details
Barzakh(بَرْزَخ) Unigender Muslim 87 | 27 View Details
Basair(بَصَائِر) Unigender Muslim 85 | 23 View Details
Bayan(بَيَان) Unigender Muslim 81 | 23 View Details
Bisat(بِسَاط) Unigender Muslim 78 | 22 View Details

At MBNM (My Baby Name Meaning), we understand the profound significance of selecting the perfect name for your little one. As parents, choosing a name goes beyond mere identification; it reflects our culture, beliefs, and aspirations for our child's future. In this article, we delve into the world of Muslim baby names starting with the letter "B," exploring their meanings and cultural relevance.

Why the Meaning of a Baby Name is Important

The significance of a baby's name cannot be overstated. In many cultures, including Christian, Muslim, and Hindu traditions, names carry deep cultural and religious meanings. They often reflect the values, heritage, and aspirations of the family. For Muslims, names are not just labels; they embody attributes of Allah and serve as a source of blessing and guidance throughout life. Understanding the meaning behind a name allows parents to imbue their child's identity with positive virtues and aspirations, shaping their character and destiny from the moment they are named.

Why Choose Us

At MBNM, we are committed to helping parents navigate the vast landscape of baby names with ease and confidence. Our extensive database features a diverse collection of Muslim, Hindu, and Christian baby names, each meticulously curated to provide comprehensive meanings and cultural context. Whether you seek a name rooted in Islamic tradition, Hindu mythology, or Christian heritage, our platform offers a wealth of options to suit every preference and belief system. With our user-friendly interface and reliable information, finding the perfect name for your bundle of joy has never been easier.


Selecting a baby name is a deeply personal and meaningful journey for every parent. At MBNM, we strive to empower parents with the knowledge and resources needed to make this decision with confidence. By exploring the meanings and cultural significance of Muslim, Hindu, and Christian baby names, we hope to inspire families to choose a name that not only sounds beautiful but also resonates with the values and aspirations they hold dear. Let MBNM be your trusted companion on this joyous quest to find the perfect name for your precious little one. Protection Status