Muslim baby name for Letter S

Name start with

Name Gender Religion View | Loved More
Sabab(سَبَب) Unigender Muslim 117 | 42 View Details
Sabah(صَبَاح) Unigender Muslim 120 | 43 View Details
Sabeel(سَبِيْل) Unigender Muslim 111 | 37 View Details
Sahab(سَحَاب) Unigender Muslim 78 | 35 View Details
Sainaa(سَيْناء) Unigender Muslim 82 | 40 View Details
Sakin(سَاكِن) Unigender Muslim 83 | 38 View Details
Salam(سَلاَم) Unigender Muslim 77 | 37 View Details
Salsabil(سَلْسَبِيْل) Unigender Muslim 73 | 36 View Details
Sarab(سَرَاب) Unigender Muslim 77 | 42 View Details
Sawab(ثَوَاب) Unigender Muslim 54 | 20 View Details
Senuan(صِنْوَان) Unigender Muslim 55 | 26 View Details
Shahada(شَهَادَة) Unigender Muslim 51 | 26 View Details
Shams(شَمْس) Unigender Muslim 45 | 19 View Details
Shan,Shaan(شَأْن) Unigender Muslim 46 | 27 View Details
Shuhub(شُهُب) Unigender Muslim 49 | 20 View Details
Shukr(شُكْر) Unigender Muslim 50 | 24 View Details
Sidq(صِدْق) Unigender Muslim 49 | 27 View Details
SidratulMuntaha(سِدْرَةالمُنْتَهَى) Unigender Muslim 47 | 21 View Details
Sinin(سِيْنِيْن) Unigender Muslim 47 | 21 View Details
Siraj(سِرَاج) Unigender Muslim 49 | 18 View Details

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Why the Meaning of a Baby Name is Important

 The meaning behind a baby's name holds profound importance across cultures and religions. For Muslim families, names are chosen based on their spiritual significance, invoking blessings and virtues associated with Islam. Similarly, Hindu and Christian families seek names that reflect their religious beliefs and cultural heritage. Understanding the meaning behind a baby's name provides insight into their identity, values, and aspirations. It connects the child to their roots and heritage, shaping their sense of self and belonging as they grow.

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 In conclusion, the meaning behind a baby's name serves as a tribute to their cultural heritage and religious beliefs. At MBNM, we are committed to helping you find the perfect Muslim baby name starting with "S" – one that resonates with your values and aspirations. Empower your child with a name that carries blessings and virtues, ensuring a lifetime of pride and purpose. Trust MBNM to be your guide in this meaningful endeavor of naming your child and celebrating their unique identity. Protection Status